Fortis General Counsel provides the following legal services:

Technology Licensing/Commercial Agreements

  • Representation of domestic and international clients
  • Inbound and outbound licensing transactions
  • Reseller, distribution, sales channel and supplier agreements
  • Nondisclosure, consulting, professional services, offshore development and joint development agreements
  • Joint marketing, partnering and strategic alliance agreements
  • Vendor agreements and debt instruments

General Corporate Counseling

  • Advise clients on choice of business entity (i.e. corporations, LLC’s, etc.) and capitalization structure
  • Compliance with state and federal securities laws
  • Compliance with applicable corporate governance laws and regulations
  • Stock option plan formation, implementation and maintenance
  • Protection of intellectual property

Equity Financings

  • Negotiate venture financing term sheets and transaction documents
  • Advise clients on financing strategy, business plans, private placement memoranda and investor presentations
  • Represent companies, as well as venture capital investors
  • Coordinate due diligence process on behalf of company clients (onsite)
  • Due diligence review on behalf of investor clients

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Negotiate M&A term sheets and transaction documents
  • Advise clients on M&A strategy and deal structure
  • Coordinate due diligence process and review

Debt Financings

  • Negotiate commitment letters, debt financing term sheets and loan and security documents
  • Advise clients on loan and security structure and strategy, including asset-based financings, letter-of-credit facilities, investment grade bank and non-investment grade credit facilities, and medium-term note programs
  • Represent companies, commercial banks and financial sponsors
  • Coordinate due diligence process and collateral review on behalf of clients

Employment Counseling

  • Employment agreements
  • Represent companies and executives
  • Separation agreements